Open Postdoc Position in Urban Traffic Control (V2I Communications, Communication Learning)

February 12, 2023

We have embarked on a large, three-year project centered around V2I communications (and in particular communication learning) for traffic control in the smart cities of tomorrow, with my colleague Prof. Marcelo ANG and a numebr of other faculties here at NUS’ ECE department. This project will be carried out with our colleagues at Cisco, as part of the new Cisco-NUS Corporate Laboratory. To help us in this research venture, we are looking to hire one Research Fellow (RF, i.e., PhD holder).

If you are interested in this exciting new research direction, and have reelvant skills, experience, and qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me/us via email. We are looking for a passionate researcher, preferably with existing experience and/or contributions in urban traffic (e.g., traffic signal control, traffic prediction/monitoring), as well as knowledge and programming skills in deep learning (in particular, deep reinforcement learning) and numerical simulation tools such as SUMO and/or Cityflow.